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Attorney Linda Mandel Clemente has been trying cases since her admission to the New York State Bar Association, after graduating from the Cornell Law School in 1989. Having started her legal career in environmental litigation, Linda left big-firm practice and started her own firm in 1992. She quickly made a splash by challenging the City of Troy’s mortgaging of its own City Hall, launching a legal challenge that resulted in legislative changes within New York. Further suits to force a referendum vote on a strong mayor form of government and term limits within the City were also successful, as was the referendum vote itself.

In 1993, Linda merged her private practice with another attorney and formed Mandel Clemente, P.C., a practice focused on general civil litigation. In the early 2000s, while maintaining her litigation firm, she took on the part-time positions as the attorney for the Town of Schaghticoke and the town attorney for the Town of North Greenbush. In those roles, attorney Mandel Clemente encountered and managed various aspects of municipal law, including bidding requirements, village formation, annexation, formation of improvement districts, tax certiorari proceedings, and Article 78 proceedings

Ms. Mandel Clemente is exacting and diligent, and she approaches each project with an attention to detail. Having come from a family with both blue collar and white collar workers, Linda has knowledge of the construction industry, as well as various skilled professions. Her 27 years of practicing law have given her a variety of experience and knowledge.

As a litigator of commercial, environmental, civil and construction disputes, Linda has practiced in both state and federal courts. Ms. Mandel Clemente sees each new case as a challenge and brings her passion for law and justice to each case. Over the course of her practice, she has successfully defended and appealed cases to the Appellate Division and also the New York Court of Appeals. She has also practiced at the federal level, including district courts, bankruptcy courts, the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals and the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals.

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As a boutique, one-woman law firm, Linda is willing and able to take cases that larger firms might eschew. Fair and reasonable, knowledgeable and approachable, lawyer Linda Mandel Clemente, located in East Greenbush, New York, offers salient, experienced legal counsel. She may be reached at518-283-9099.