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Mandel Clemente, PC offers an array of attorney services in Albany NY and surrounding areas. We're committed to providing effective legal representation.

Construction Litigation, Arbitration Law litigation servicesand Mediation

Mandel Clemente, PC provides construction litigation services. This includes delay damages, failure to complete, wrongful termination, and much more. We have the experience necessary to help you through this process. Call today for more information.

Bast Hatfield, Inc. v. Joseph R. Wunderlich, Inc., 910 N.Y.S.2d 256, 78 A.D.3d 1270 (N.Y.2010)—Construction Litigation Case--represented the prevailing party Joseph R. Wunderlich, Inc., on his defense and counterclaim, obtaining a $ 500,000+ judgment for the client.

Commercial and Municipal Litigation

Mandel Clemente, PC provides litigation services throughout the Greater Capital District. We will represent you in any civil case and will manage all phases of the litigation process from investigation, pleadings and discovery to pre-trial, trial, settlement and appeal.

Cases of Note

Bombay Realty v. Magna Carta, et al., 100 NY2d 124 (2003)—Real Estate Contract Litigation Case—represented the prevailing party at the Court of Appeals, winning a reversal of two lower court decisions and establishing new law on interpretation of percentage rent clauses in commercial leases. 

Eadie v. Town of North Greenbush, 7 NY3d 306 (2006)—Municipal Litigation—Town Attorney during the approval stages and then represented the Town of North Greenbush Planning Board in this complex series of cases in which an approval for rezoning of a parcel of land was challenged by a citizen group. The Court of Appeals upheld decision of the Appellate Division, Third Department in approving the actions taken by the Town.

Corvetti v. Winchell, 75 AD3d 1013 (2010)—Tax Certiorari Proceeding—obtained a reversal of the lower court and won retroactive reassessment for client based upon newly accepted appraisal methodology in which timberlands in the DEC Managed Forestland Program were valued as timberlands, rather than vacant residential or waterfront property.

Stollsteimer v. Kohler, 77 A.D.3d 1259 [3d Dept 2010]—Real Estate Litigation—represented prevailing party on contract interpretation concerning description of land to be conveyed. 

D’Ambra v. Haynor, 293 A.D.2d 858 [3d Dept 2002]—Commercial Litigation—represented prevailing party in Traverse hearing concerning service of notice for deficiency judgment; Client was able to gain vacatur of deficiency judgment in mortgage foreclosure.

Real Estate Lawconstruction litigation and arbitration

Whether you are looking to purchase or sell a commercial building, or are looking to purchase or sell a residence or vacant lot, Mandel Clemente, P.C. can help. With over 25+ years of experience in real estate matters, Mandel Clemente, P.C., has the knowledge to help you through contract review, mortgage financing, inspections and environmental review, title review, and closing.

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